History of the Diocese of Virginia,  with Edward Bond, Jointly Published by the Virginia Historical Society and the Diocese of Virginia, currently in press, publication date set for July 2007.  It will first appear as a complete issue of the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, and then hardback from the Diocese of Virginia.

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"The Anglican Ministry in Virginia, 1726-1776: A Study of a Social Class," Ph.D. dissertation, University of Notre Dame, 1972.

"The Anglican Church in Virginia 1723-1743," Master's Thesis, College of William and Mary, 1969.

"The American Acquisition of the Philippine Islands" Senior Thesis, Monmouth College, 1968.

Work in Progress:

Revised edition for paperback circulation of "To Be Useful Unto the World": Women in Revolutionary America, -forthcoming spring 2006,  University of North Carolina Press,.

History of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, signed contract with the Diocese. (joint project with Dr. Edward Bond), publication date 2007.

Our Stories: Autobiographical Reflections on Race and Gender by California Adult Students. Autobiographies are in hand, waiting for follow-up interviews and introductions. A project pursued with Madeleine Marshall.

 Poetry, Piety and Politics, The  World and Writings of Judith Lomax, edited with introductions by Joan R. Gundersen, and Madeleine F. Marshall completed  book draft, under review by a university press.

"Poetry and Marriage: The Dialog between Judith Lomax and Margaret Page," at revise and resubmit stage for William and Mary Quarterly.

Book-length study: Loving Daughters of the Church: Women in the Episcopal Tradition, 1600-1990, research in progress.


"’to forget all distinctions" Ecumenism and Denominational Identity in Virginia after the Revolution, 1784-1830,” presentation at the Institute of Early American History and Culture Annual Conference, June 24-26, 2005, Santa Barbara, CA

“Breaching the Walls of the Enclosed Garden,” invited presentation at the Library of Virginia Symposium on Women in Virginia,  Richmond, VA, March 18-19, 2005.

"Building an Episcopal Church in a Lutheran Town: Women and the Founding of St. John's Episcopal Church, Mt. Prospect," presentation at the Anglican-Lutheran Historical

"Becoming Episcopal: Anglican Piety and Faith in Post-Revolutionary Virginia," East-Central American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Norfolk, VA, Oct. 5-7, 2000.

“Using Undergraduate Research as a Faculty Development Tool,” American Association for Higher Education, Ananheim, CA (accepted and to be presented March 29-April 2, 2000.)

“Spinning Constitutional History on the Web,” Cecil Bill Fronsman innovative teaching panel, American Historical Association, Washington, D.C., 1999.

“Poetry, Piety, and Politics:  The World of Judith Lomax,” Early American History Seminar, National Humanities Center, Raleigh, N.C., October 1998.

“Teaching with the Web,” Mid-America Conference on History, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 1997.

"Historians and Religion in Colonial America," Institute of Early American History and Culture Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, June 1995.

"Women and Migration in Eighteenth Century America," Huntington Library Early American History Seminar, December 1992.

"Innovative Course: The Transatlantic Conversation," with Madeleine Marshall, American Society of Eighteenth Century Studies, Seattle, March 28, 1992;  follow-up presentation, American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Providence, R.I., March 1993.

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"Alternatives to the Traditional Survey Course," Michiana Historians, Valparaiso University, Indiana, 1973.

"The Anglican Clergy in Virginia, 1726-1776," Recent Dissertations Session, American Historical Association Annual Convention, Atlanta, 1975.

Museum Exhibits:

"All Saints Parish and Northfield - 125 Years Together" Northfield Historical Society, 1983.

"Never Done - Women's Work in the Home," Northfield Historical Society, 1987.

"A History of San Marcos Schools - The Valley of Discovery," San Marcos Historical  Society, 1993.

"1963 - San Marcos - A New Era," San Marcos Historical Society, 1993.

"Growing San Marcos: Agriculture Through the Years," San Marcos Historical Society,  1994.

“Life in San Marcos, 1880-1920” San Marcos Historical Society, 1997.

Directed student interns in the following exhibits: "Northfield Inventors," 1983; "Northfield's China Connection," 1987; "The Cannon River," 1987; "Northfield Women and the Arts," 1988, "Northfield: The Next Fifty Years," 1989, “San Marcos Then and Now,” 1996, “Making It and Breaking It in San Marcos: Business and Industry,” 1996.


Chair of Session on Balancing Work and Family in the Academy, Berkshire Women's History Conference, June 2005.

Chair and Commentator  of Session on Reassessing Religion in the Colonial Era, American Society of Church History,  Savannah, GA, March 2005

Chair of  Session on Colonial American Religion, American Historical Association, Seattle, January 2005

Chair of Session on New Perspectives on Southern Anglican Identity, Southeastern American Eighteenth-Century Studies, Savannah, GA, March, 2004.

Commentator on Session on Religious Toleration in Virginia Before and After Jefferson’s Statute, Southern Historical Association, Fort Worth, TX 1999.

Commentator and Chair on session on Love and Marriage in Colonial America, Organization of American Historians, Washington, D.C., March 1995.

Commentator on session on Eighteenth-Century Southern Women, Southern Association of Women Historians Conference on Women's History, Houston, TX, June 1994.

Judge, Innovative Course Competition, American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, annual meeting, Charleston, South Carolina, March 1994.

Chair and Organizer for session on Icons and Eyesores in Eighteenth Century America, American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, annual meeting, Charleston, S.C., March, 1994.

Chair and Organizer for session on Intersection of Gender and Race in Early America, American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, annual meeting, Providence, Rhode Island, April 1993.

Commentator on session Gender and Sociability in the Colonial South, Southern Historical Association, Orlando, FL, November 1993.

Commentator and Chair on session of Women, Children and Health in the New Republic, American Historical Association, Pacific Coast Branch, annual meeting, Kona, Hawaii, August 1991.

Commentator on session on Early American Women's Legal History, Southern Women's History Association, Conference, Chapel Hill, June 1991.

Commentator on session on Divorce in the 19th Century, Law and the Great Plains, Great Plains Center, Lincoln, Neb., March 1991.

Commentator on session on Political Thought and Decision-Making, Social Science History Association, Minneapolis, MN, October, 1990.

Moderator, session on 18th Century Women and Religion, American Historical Association, Pacific Coast Branch, annual meeting, Salt Lake City, August, 1990.

Commentator on session on Religion and Politics in the Old South, Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, Neb., March 10, 1989.

Commentator on session on Labor and Agriculture in the Colonial Chesapeake, Southern Historical Association Annual Meeting, Norfolk, Virginia, 1988.

Panelist in session on Women and Family Law, Conference on Women and Citizenship, Women Historians of the Midwest, 1987.

Panelist in session on Teaching Law in the Liberal Arts, A.C.M. Conference on Law, Beloit College, 1987.

Panelist in session on Teaching Constitutional History, Wingspread Conference on Law in the Liberal Arts, 1986.

Commentator on Session "Implications for Curriculum and Teaching, Emphasis on Gender Roles," Conference on the Family and the Workplace in Japan and America, Associated Colleges of the Midwest and Great Lakes College Association, St. Paul, 1985.

Moderator and Commentator for session on Attitudes Towards Women in the Early Republic, Women's History Conference, Women Historians of the Midwest, St. Paul, 1982.

Commentator for session on Editing and Writing Textbooks, Organization of American Historians, Philadelphia, 1982.

Moderator for session on Women and the Church, Conference on Self Respect and Sex Roles, St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, 1980.

Commentator for session on Colonial Anglicanism, American Society of Church History, Dallas, 1977.

Moderator and commentator for session on Disadvantaged Women, Conference on Women's History, Women Historians of the Midwest, 1974.

Public Talks:

"In Search of the Traditional Family" keynote lecture, Conference on the Family, California Lutheran University, March, 2005.

"Women Refugees and Campfollowers in Revolutionary Virginia," invited lecture, California State University, San Marcos, April 26, 2004.

"African-American Women in the Episcopal Church," Church of the Redeemer, Adult Education, February 2004.

“Women’s Studies in the United States,” Graduate Seminar in North American Studies, University of Oulu, Finland,  January 16, 1996.

“Empowering Women:  Women in Mainstream Religion in the 20th Century,” University of Tampere, Finland, April 26, 1996.

“Women and Empowerment in the 19th Century American Church,” University of Jyväskylä, Finland, 1996  

“A Suffragist Speaks: A Living History Presentation,” Performed for numerous community groups, 1995-96.

"The Framer's Constitution," Vista Citizens Council for Public Education, October 1994, Vista, CA.

"Revolutionary Trade-offs: Women and the American Revolution," CSU, San Marcos, Friends of Women's Studies, August 5, 1994.

"Showcasing Women's Studies at CSUSM," Oceanside/Vista Branch, American Association of University Women, March 1994.

"The Parallel Church" Episcopal Church Women, Cathedral Church of St. Luke's, San Diego, 1991; and Episcopal Church Women, All Saints Parish, Vista, 1992.

"New Views of Colonial History" CSUSM Sampler Series, Rancho Bernardo Center, June 1993.

"Women in the American Revolution" Rancho Bernardo Branch, American Association of University Women, October 1992.

"Women's Studies at CSUSM" Escondido/San Marcos Branch, American Association of University Women, March 1992.

"Dear Diary: Women's Accounts of the Westward Experience," Rancho Del Oro Corral, Westerner's Association, Escondido, CA, March 1991, and Ramona Historical Society, May 1993.

"Listen to Our Voices: Readings from Women's Journals" a Reader's Theater Production with Charlotte Bell, Leisure Village Women's Studies Group, April 1990; San Marcos Historical Society, March 1991; Oceanside/Vista American Association of University Women, 1992; CSUSM 1991, 1992; Rancho Bernardo Welcome Wagon, 1993.

"The View from the Pew: Rethinking Church History," Luncheon Presentation, Phi Alpha Theta Regional Meeting, University of Wisconsin at River Falls, April 15, 1989.

"Revisioning the Academy: The Growth of Feminist Scholarship," Women's Week, Monmouth College, Ill., March 1989.

"Who Were the 'People'?: Women and Blacks in the U.S. Constitution," Minnesota Humanities Commission Constitutional Bicentennial Lyceum Series, Stillwater (2), Rochester (2), St. Cloud (2), Rosemont, Minneapolis, Duluth, Mankato, MN, Monmouth, IL, and Decorah, IA, 1987-89, San Diego State University North County Lecture Series, March 9, 1990.

"Women in the Colonial Family," Have Lunch with a Historian Lecture Series sponsored by the Hennepin and Ramsey County Historical Societies, 1987.

"How Traditional was the Colonial Family?" Guest Lecturer, Minnesota Historical Society Summer Workshop for School Teachers, 1986.

"The Empire's New Clothes: Rethinking the Colonial Past," Phi Alpha Theta Luncheon, Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, 1985.

"Autonomy and Social Control: The Problem for Women," College of St. Teresa Convocation Series, Winona MN, 1985.

"The Battle Over a Golden Age: the Debate Among Women's Legal Scholars," Associated Colleges of the Midwest Women's Committee Faculty Development Conference, Northfield, 1984.

"The Social Utility of the Myths of the American Revolution," St. Olaf College Bicentennial Symposium, 1976.

Consultancies and Workshops:

Member, On-Site Visitation Team, Middles States Commission of Higher Education, 2002.

Outside Evaluator, History Department, CSU Long Beach, 1994.

Outside Evaluator, (full day on campus for class visits, interviews, etc.) for reappointment review of history faculty member, Gustavus Adolphus College, 1989.

Outside Evaluator, History Department, University of Wisconsin, River Falls, 1988.

Consultant on Women's History, Minnesota Historical Society Project on State History Text, 1986-89.

Consultant, Feminist Studies, Monmouth College (Ill.), March 20, 1989.

Consultant, lecturer, and workshop presenter, Lawrence University Gender Studies Program.  Talks: "Re- visioning History: the Impact of Women's Studies on Historical Studies," "Gender - The Missing Ingredient," "De-Canonizing the Saints of Academia," "Rethinking Courses to Include Gender." Workshops in women's studies findings in literature, history, and the behavioral sciences. October 4-5, 1988 and January 13-14, 1989.

Consultant and co-teacher, Quantitative History Unit, U.S. History Advanced Placement Classes, St. Louis Park High School, 1984.

Co-teacher, Integrating Women into the School Curriculum, National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar (6 weeks)for Secondary Teachers, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 1983.

Workshop presenter, 3 sessions: "Integration of Women's History in the Colonial Period," "Incorporating Women into the Early 19th Century," and "Including Women in Classes in Post-Civil War America," Conference for Indiana College Teachers on Integration of Women into the History Curriculum, Bloomington, IN, 1983.

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