College Service and Adminiatrative Experience



Academic Policy Committee, Chatham College: 2000-02.Committee reviews all undergraduate policy and curricula.

Graduate Policy Committee, Chatham College: 2000-02 . Committee is responsible for all policy and curricula at the graduate level.

Curriculum Revision Committee, Chatham College: 2001-02.Special committee created to review and revise general education. 

Curriculum Committee, Elon College: 1997-00.Committee reviewed all curricular changes and new proposals.

Dean, Division of Social Science, Elon College: 1997-00. Oversaw and reviewed curricular revisions from all departments, including winter term courses. History, geography, human services, social studies education, public administration, and political science conducted major revisions.Arranged 5 year reviews (outside evaluators) for political science and sociology departments.Oversaw development of Master’s of Social Work Feasability Study and a feasability study for a Criminal Justice major.

High School College Transition Committee: 1998-00. Special task force looking at academic challenge and the level of preparation Elon students had upon arrival.Included organizing a “by invitation” conference for selected high school teachers from twenty targeted high-schools so that they could discuss the issues with Elon faculty.

Academic Policy and Planning Committee, CSUSM:Fall 1990-1992. Elected to serve as first chair.APP oversees all curricular issues.Developed a sub-committee structure and served on the Academic Senate Executive Committee.

Liberal Studies Committee, Chair, 1989-1992: drafted the liberal studies major used as a multiple subject credential waiver program (elementary education); wrote report gaining approval for program from the California Commission of Teacher Credentialing, and implemented program.

Program drafting: Drafter of History major (1989) and liberal studies major (1989), Women's Studies major (1992) and minor (1989), co-drafter for Social Science major (1989) and international business major (1994), CSUSM.

Single Subject Waiver Committee CSUSM. Spring 1994. Drafted proposals for teacher credential program at secondary level.

Collaborative Education Committee - Teacher Education Curriculum: One of two Founding Faculty on the committee drafting guidelines for admission to the teacher education program and outlining curriculum.Part of a larger committee looking at the whole teacher education program.

Lower Division General Education Committee, 1989-90, Chair:drafted the first lower division general education program for CSU, San Marcos.

Upper Division General Education Committee, 1989-90: drafted the upper division general education program for CSU, San Marcos.

Curricular and Educational Policies Committee, 1978-80, 1986-87, chair 1979-80, St. Olaf:Committee reviewed and approved all curricular changes and proposals, including all major and minor proposals, issues concerning class schedule, calendar, new courses, and graduation requirements.The chair appoints members of five regular subcommittees (special studies, international studies, teacher education, honorary degrees, and continuing education.)These subcommittees must receive approval of their work from CEPC before bringing matters to the faculty.During the time I served on this committee, the college initiated a major curricular review requiring all departments to resubmit all courses for review as part of the general education/ distribution requirements.

Special Studies Subcommittee, 1976-1980, Chair 1979-80, St. Olaf:Special studies was charged with oversight of all off-campus domestic programs including programs offered through consortia.Such programs included science, humanities, arts, education, and social science programs offered through the Associated Colleges of the Midwest and Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs.Special Studies also had the task of reviewing and granting approval to all classes offered during the January interim term.This required review of more than 100 courses drawn from all divisions of the college.During the years I served on the committee, we developed a systematic three year cycle for review of off-campus programs and successfully brought in an all-campus proposal setting up internships.

APP General Education Subcommittee CSUSM. 1990-91, 1992-93.Reviewed all courses proposed for general education credit and drafted criteria for such review.

Computer Literacy Committee, 1990: drafted the proposal requiring basic computer skills for all students.

Committee on the Major 1989, Chair (St. Olaf): Conducted a year long-review of the actual offerings students took in the history department, explored issues of advising and gender equity and submitted a proposal for changing major requirements.

History Curriculum Self-study 1977, 1981 (St. Olaf):Served on the committee which studied and proposed revisions in the history curriculum.

History Department Computer Consultant (St. Olaf): 1978-89.Provided support for faculty, set up department computers, etc.

Distinction Committee (St. Olaf) 12 years:Committees read student papers and conducted oral defenses of student research submitted for department distinction.

Student Affairs and Advising:

Retention Committee, Chatham College, 2000-01. Special task force charged to study, create plan and implement measures designed to improve retention.

Dean - Division of Social Science: Elon College, 1997-00: handle all student academic appeals involving division courses, grades, instructors.

Student Organization Advising Task Force: 1998-99, Elon College: (co-chair), Met monthly to study issues around faculty/staff advising and create better incentives, rewards, and supports for advisors.

Joint Deans Committee: 1997-00, Elon College: Monthly meetings between senior administrators in Student Affairs and Academic Affairs to work together on areas of joint concern (orientation, advising, living-learning communities, etc.)

Student Grievance Committee CSUSM. Spring 1993-97. Drafted comprehensive student grievance policy for campus and heard student grievances.

Greek Advisory Committee CSUSM. Spring 1993-97.Drafted policy overseeing the process by which Greek social/service groups would be recognized and governed, including the arrival of national organizations.Helped select first national groups, fall 1994.

Faculty Advisor, Chi Sigma Chapter, Phi Alpha Theta, 1976-1989 (Chapter won best chapter award or runner-up 5 times). I wrote the petition which brought a chapter of the honorary to St. Olaf.The honorary sponsored 15-18 events a year including a major film series, a picnic, history bowl, and speakers.We also hosted about every third year the regional meeting of Phi Alpha Theta which brought students for other Minnesota and Iowa colleges and universities to St. Olaf to read papers and hear a major speaker at a one-day conference.

Faculty Advisor, Argonaut Society (History Club), 1991-97, CSUSM.Club sponsors biweekly speakers and special events each year.

Faculty Advisor, Alpha Zeta Chi Chapter, Phi Alpha Theta, 1993-97. CSUSM.Wrote petition for charter to install chapter in December 1993, and advise students in planning activities and publishing a journal.Host forRegional meeting for Southern California, spring 1995.

Faculty Advisor, Alpha Xi Delta, 1995-97. CSUSM.Attend meetings to provide campus policy input to national Greek letter sorority.

Chapter Advisor, Alpha Xi Delta, 1996-97. San Diego State University.Attend weekly chapter and executive council meetings to act as advisor in all areas of chapter life.

Regional Academic Achievement Chair, Alpha Xi Delta, 1998-99. Acted as advisor to 36 chapters, reviewed academic suspension appeals, academic plans, and made programming suggestions.

National Academic Achievement Chair, Alpha Xi Delta, 1999- .Coordinate work of Regional Academic Achievement Advisors, final authority on appeals, review and improve handbooks and programming materials, develop web site information.

Pre-Law Advisor, 1976-89, Chair 1985-89, St. Olaf: a committee of 6 faculty who provided advising for students interested in law.Met with law school recruiters, planned law careers and information sessions, LSAT prep courses, and provided support to the pre-law club.As chair I successfully requested a separate budget for the committee and involved students in a Moot court competition at Drake Law School.


Achieving Excellence Through Diversity Committee 1993-95, CSUSM:Task force recommends policy on diversity and providing overview of campus programs and progress in all areas of the university - curricular, personnel, student life, etc.

President's Minority Issues Task Force 1985-86, St. Olaf: The task force was charged to investigate all areas of minority issues at the college including admissions and retention, outreach to high schools, faculty recruitment and retention, campus climate, and curriculum.We issued a report with a blue print for action including a five-year plan for action.The president accepted and implemented the report.

American Minority Studies Committee, 1986-89, St. Olaf: Functioned as a department to oversee curricular and co-curricular planning in minority studies, faculty development, and participate in planning for black history month, La Raza days, and Native American Awareness week.The committee instituted a "book of the year" program, a faculty development summer seminar, and yearly workshops for faculty.

Committee on the Status of Women, 1988-1989, St. Olaf:The committee addressed and investigated issues of equity for faculty, staff and students, and acted as co-ordinator for women's week events.It also facilitated regular meetings of the Women's Coalition which linked all of the women's organizations (student, staff, faculty, and curricular) in a plan for action.

Technology, Policy, Planning and Administration:

Vice President of Academic Affairs, 2000-02, Chatham College: Oversight of all academic programs in 4 divisions, including 14 graduate programs, 42 undergraduate degree programs, 3 special centers, library, learning center, academic advising, continuing education, international programs, 1 off-campus site, community programming.budget of $8.1 million.

Impact Committee, Chatham College, 2001: Special task force to study next steps and prepare plan and RFPs for campus technology including new administrative systems and library systems. 

Dean, Division of Social Science, 1997-present, Elon College: Oversight of 5 departments (History/Geography, Human Services, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology/ Anthropology) 5 interdisciplinary programs (African-African American Studies, Asian Studies, Criminal Justice, International Studies, Women’s/Gender Studies), the pre-law program and the Honors Program.Oversaw salary budgets ofover $1.7 million, and program budgets of approximately $50,000.Set up Social Science Scholars Program, conducted strategic planning program, handled student appeals, schedule and catalog preparation.

Academic Affairs Committee/Dean’s Committee, 1997-present, Elon College:Met weekly with other deans and directors to coordinate activities and to carry forward strategic planning goals.

Academic Senate Executive Committee, 1990-92, CSU, San Marcos:Committee coordinates activities for the Academic Senate, acts for the senate when the senate is adjourned, and directs all new business to appropriate committees.

History Program Director, 1990-1992.Established framework for governance in the program, hired part-time faculty, successfully presented history programs to California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for approval as preparation programs (waivers) for history and social studies .

Women's Studies Committee, 1980-89, Director 1986-89, St. Olaf:From 1976-80 I served on an ad hoc women's studies committee which met occasionally and drafted the successful proposal for a women's studies concentration (minor). In 1980 the structure was revised and the committee became an official dean- appointed committee which performed most departmental function.The committee, chaired by the director planned symposia, lectures, did curricular planning and review, decided on film and library purchases, ran regular faculty development workshops, and planned events for majors. During my years on the committee I planned a major symposium, started the annual women's history month programs, planned two summer seminars for faculty, and authored the successful proposal for a women's studies major. We also raised the funds for, and initiated a women's studies prize for senior majors.As director I oversaw a program with 24 majors, 22 minors, 53 affiliated faculty, 33-36 courses taught each year, and a separate budget.

Women's Studies Committee, CSUSM, Director 1990-96, CSUSM: Faculty Committee providing oversight to minor; drafted major and summer faculty development proposal.Set up special events for women's history month, fundraising.The program has grown from 6 courses the first year of operation to 55 sections per year with 20 affiliated faculty members.

Academic Computer Committee, 1980-89 St. Olaf: Committee provided oversight of all academic computing issues including budgeting, long and short range planning, allocation of hardware and software, recommendation of changes in hardware, campus standardization of software, set rules for access to both micro-computers and time-sharing systems, and approved a code of ethics.

President's Task Force on Long-Range Computer Planning, 1986-1987, St. Olaf: A task force created to study and co-ordinate all aspects of academic, administrative, and library use of computers and create a 5-year plan for implementation. Athletic Committee, 1984-85, St. Olaf: Provided oversight for athletic team budgets, sex equity in sports, and the scheduling of athletic events.

Ad Hoc Committee on Maternity Leave, 1984 St. Olaf: Committee of 5 that drafted and brought to successful adoption a maternity leave policy for faculty that provided a partially paid leave for one semester.

Accreditation Self Study Steering Committees: 1989-90, 1991-1993. In 1989-90 provided a rough draft of one part of the candidacy self-study required by Western Association of Schools and Colleges, read and critiqued whole draft twice; Fall 1991-93 helped prepare the campus documents in preparation for the accreditation visit of WASC.Chaired section that studied and wrote sections on undergraduate education and advising.

Mission Statement Drafting Committee, 1989, CSUSM: served on four out of the six stages of drafting of the mission statement including the initial and final drafts.

History Internship Director, 1978-89, St. Olaf; 1990- , CSUSM: Oversaw 6-10 student internships each year, including placement and grading.

Hesburgh Prize Committee, 1999, Elon College: Prepared submission for national award in the area of faculty development.

Web Policy Committee, 1998- , Elon College: Drafter comprehensive policy for world wide web use and development on campus.

Public Programming:

Convocation Committee, 1978-79, St. Olaf: The committee planned a full symposium each spring and oversaw convocations offered at other times of the year to the entire campus.The year I served the topic for the symposium was the American family.

Women's Week Committee, 1983, St. Olaf: an ad hoc committee which founded Women's Week to celebrate Women's History month.The week included over 30 separate events including concerts, nationally recognized speakers, panels, and forums.

"And Justice for All" Co-ordinating Committee, 1987, St. Olaf: Planned a series of lectures, events, films, and symposia throughout the year, all centered on the theme of justice for all.

Organizer, Symposium, Women and the Law, 1980, St. Olaf; Offered during homecoming weekend and including 8 panels of outside specialists in the law.The success of this symposia has led the college to regularly plan a serious event for returning alumni as a regular part ofhomecoming to provide an alternative to freezing on the football field.

Planning Committee Women and Citizenship 1987; (funded by the Minnesota Humanities Commission).Organized by Women Historians of the Midwest.Co-Sponsored by St. Olaf College.

Planning Committee Women and Religion, 1988; (funded by the Minnesota Humanities Commission). Organized by Women Historians of the Midwest.Co-sponsored by St. Olaf College.

Constitutional Bicentennial Committee, Chair, 1987-88, St. Olaf:Planned a series of events to celebrate the U.S. constitution bicentennial.

Program Committee for History, (St. Olaf) 10 years: Planned all speakers and events for the history department.

Visiting Scholar Co-ordinator, St. Olaf, 1987: Arranged for a three day visit including several presentations and two faculty seminars of a distinguished scholar.

Friends of Women's Studies Group, 1990-CSUSM:Founded this community group as support for the women's studies program.  Ran public programs each year for this group.


Vice President of Academic Affairs, Chatham College, 2000-02: Reviewed all faculty, Academic Affairs administators and staff for merit raises, issued contracts to 100+ adjunct faculty, negotiated leaves, handled faculty disciplinary actions, oversaw faculty searches and negotiated all offers.

Faculty Review Committee, Chatham College, 2001-02: Chaired special task force charged with rewriting procedures for faculty review for renewal and promotion to include faculty on renewable term and other non-tenure contracts.

Promotion and Tenure Committee, Chatham College, 2000-02 : Standing committee charged with the annual review of all probationary tenure track faculty, recommendations on tenure, and promotions.VPAA sits with committee, but makes own recommendation to President separate from the committee.

Renewable Term Committee, Chatham College, 2000-02: Standing committee charged with the review of all faculty on renewable term contracts (mostly faculty in professional programs).VPAA sits with committee, but makes own recommendation to President separate from the committee.

Dean – Division of Social Science: 1997- present, Elon College.Conduct annual review of all division faculty and staff, periodic reviews and make tenure/promotion recommendations for division faculty; oversee search committees, and contract process for all full and part-time faculty indivision;make salary recommendations for all division faculty and 3 full-time staff members; oversaw faculty search process, checked references, negotiated contracts for 15-25 part-time faculty each year and 8 new faculty lines (2 psychology, 1anthropology, 1 political science, 1 history, 1 human services, 1 interdisciplinary, 1 geography).

Six Year Review Committee: Developed proposal for periodic review ofpost-tenure and other long-term faculty at Elon College, 1997-99.

Peer Review Committees: History, 1981- present; English, 1992-93; Psychology, 1992-1993; Visual and Performing Arts, 1993-1995.As Dean wrote annual reviews of all faculty in history, political science, human services, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and geography; conducted 1st year and mid-point reviews for all probationary faculty in division, and made tenure/professionalization and promotion recommendations.

Honorary Degrees Committee, Chair, 1983-84, St. Olaf: Committee reviews nominations and brings in recommendations for 1-3 honorary degrees each year.

Administrative Search Committees: St. Olaf College: Faculty Grants Officer, 1984: Faculty Advisory Committee, Academic Vice President and Dean of the College, 1980; CSUSM:Director of the Library 1990; Dean of Arts and Sciences, 1990; Dean of the College of Business, 1990; Assistant to the Academic Vice President, 1991; Director of Campus Planning and Construction, 1994, Director of Service Learing, 1995, Campus Greek Advisor/Orientation Director, 1995.

Founding Faculty Personnel Committee, 1989-90, CSUSM: Committee reviewed candidates for tenure and promotion and drafted basic policies and procedures for tenure and promotion.I drafted the section on the candidate dossier, what it would contain and how it would be prepared.

Faculty Search Committees, Elon College: Geography (chair) 1998; CSUSM: history (chair) 1989- (7 searches); fine arts (chair) 1990; reference librarian (chair) 1991; political science, 1990; ethnic studies 1990; English, 1990; music, 1991; visual arts, 1992.Chaired part-time searches in history, English, and geography, and linguistics.St. Olaf: history, 1977, 1978, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989.


Chair of Faculty Meeting, 2000-02, Chatham College.Presided at monthly all-college faculty business meetings.

Faculty Parliamentarian, 1985-88, St. Olaf: Acted as parliamentarian for monthly faculty meetings (the equivalent of the campus faculty senate); CSUSM Academic Senate Parliamentarian, 1993-95.

Faculty Constitution Committee, 1990: Drafted Faculty constitution and by-laws.Major responsibility for drafting by-laws and acting as committee of style for whole document.

Academic Senator CSUSM.Fall 1990-1992, 1993-95.

Monthly Faculty Meeting, 1975-1989, St. Olaf, and 1997-   , Elon College:Faculty met as a whole to conduct business (equivalent of senate).

Chair of Founding Faculty (March 1990), CSUSM: Presided at faculty meetings, acted as liaison between the founding faculty and the executive vice president and president, facilitated committee work of the faculty and determined disposition of new assignments. 

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