Current Projects:
Poetry and Piety: The Writings of Judith Lomax
The World of Judith Lomax
Judith Lomax: Poet and Poetry
The Note Book of Judith Lomax
The Notes of an American Lyre
Note on Transcription
The Notebook
Other Poetry and Writings
 A project in cooperation with Madeleine F. Marshall to edit the writings of Judith Lomax (1774-1828)
Women in the Episcopal Church A book project looking at women's experiences within the Episcopal Church with an emphasis on parish roles
"Being First:: The Experience of African American Women in Formerly All-White Episcopal Parishes
An oral history project to preserve the experiences of African American women who  became members of parishes that had formerly been all-white.
The Center Still Holds
An Essay in The Living Church
"Underpaid, Overworked and Dearly Loved: Lay women workers in the Diocese of Virginia 1895 to 1950" Paper read at the 2007 "Trihistory" conference sponsored by the Episcopal Women's History Project, the National Episcopal Historians and Archivists, and the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church.  Being revised for possible publication.
"Segregating the Sacred in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, 1865-1948" Paper read at the American Society of Church History conference held in conjunction with the American Historical Association, in 2009.  Being revised for publication.


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